“I started working with Dan about a year and a half ago. Starting out I was over 300 pounds and not physically active at all. Dan’s dedication and focus on functional fitness has helped me to lose over 80 pounds and, more importantly, I have become a lot more physically capable. This year I ran in a 12hour trail race, a 24hour trail race, and a Spartan Sprint course. This coming year I am planning on attempting a Spartan trifecta, another go at the 24hour trail race, and who knows what else with Dan inspiring me to push more and more.”

“I started training with Dan in January 2018 after my first Spartan experience at Fenway. Since then I’ve become stronger and achieved goals I couldn’t have even imagined when we started. With Dan’s training, I completed over ten OCR events in 2019, including my first Spartan Trifecta. Dan has not only helped me with my physical strength, but also with my mental strength by teaching me how to endure for the longer, more intensive races. Dan is an amazing trainer who challenges me each session and truly feels like a partner in my fitness journey.

I first began working with Dan in May 2018 after completing a grueling Spartan race. I was 3 months away from my first Spartan Super and keenly aware that I was not prepared physically or mentally. Dan designed a program to fortify both my physical and mental stamina leading me to complete a race that 3 months earlier would have broken me. Since then, he has altered our trainings to accommodate a variety of goals. Dan’s willingness to work closely with his clients to meet their individual needs and goals makes him a successful partner for his clients.” Nicole

“Dan is an excellent trainer. He is completely attentive to his clients. Each workout is designed with your goals in mind. He uses a variety of techniques to keep your workouts fresh and challenging. I highly recommend him.” –Bill