Choose an online training approach that’s right for you.

In additional to personal training, Dan Mathers Fitness offers three distinct online fitness training brands, each specializing in a particular aspect of fitness.

For Beginners

Start Simple Fitness — For beginners, whether you’ve never exercised before, or have tried to get fit, but haven’t been able to make it stick. Start Simple Fitness features a website and podcast, an online community, and regular events and challenges that help people make fitness a reality.

Get Fit At Any Age

Active Over 40 Fitness — Reject the notion that once you hit 40 you have to get out-of-shape, weak, tired, achy, and give up being active. Keep moving, keep active, and you’ll keep healthy. Active Over 40 Fitness helps people get and stay fit, no matter their age.

Advanced Fitness

Truly Terrible WODs — For those who appreciate the value of a good sufferfest workout. Truly Terrible WODs feature extremely difficult workouts for those looking for a challenge. TTW also offers regular challenges and special events for anyone looking to test themselves.