Japan’s 90-year-old fitness trainer should be an inspiration to everyone

Takishima Mika was born in 1931. It was the same year the Empire State Building opened. A year before Amelia Earhart first flew solo across the Atlantic.

It was before FDR was president. Before World War II and the nuclear age. Before the first computer was invented.

Today, the 90-year-old fitness trainer is a reminder to us all that age is no barrier to being fit.

Takashima didn’t start training until she was 65, when she wanted to lose weight. She became a fitness trainer at the age of 87, and she says she hopes to continue training until she’s 100.

This 90-year-old has guns for arms, the flexibility of a gymnist, strength, balance, mobility and clearly plenty of energy.

Remember her the next time you think “I’m too old for this.”

You can read more about Takishima Mika here.