Join the 60-Day New Year’s Fitness Challenge

Sign up for the 60-Day New Year’s Challenge and set the tone for a healthier, fitter 2022.

This challenge is specifically designed for anyone who:
> Struggles to find time for fitness
> Lacks motivation and energy
> Sabotages themselves with negative self talk
> Has tried unsuccessfully to get fit in the past

From January 1 through March 1, you’ll be part of my online fitness project, where you’ll receive daily workouts, fitness games, a variety of challenges and access to a fun, supportive community. 

The games and challenges are perfect for anyone who struggles to fit fitness into their busy schedule. And the daily workouts are ideal for anyone who wants to workout, but doesn’t know what to do. They can be easily modified, so anyone can benefit from them – whether you’ve never worked out before or you’re an experienced fitness buff. 

During these 60 days, you’ll nurture healthy new habits, get stronger and put yourself on track for a fitter 2022. You’ll rediscover a positive relationship with physical activity and learn to overcome setbacks. 

This fitness approach works because:

– You’ll have access to a variety of workout options and can choose what works best for you.
> IT HELPS FITNESS FIT YOUR LIFE – Games and challenges help fit exercise into your busy schedule.
> IT’S FUN – The group’s atmosphere is light and fun. And the creative workouts and challenges keep things fresh and will have you enjoying your healthy habits.
> YOU’RE NOT ALONE – You’ll be part of a fun, supportive community.
> YOU GET PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK – Have a question? Need a modification? Want to discuss goals? Find yourself struggling? Let’s talk it out, either with the group or privately with me. 
> YOU GET HELP WITH SETBACKS – Setbacks are part of the journey. This project acknowledges that and teaches you how to persevere and overcome setbacks.
> IT’S AFFORDABLE – Since this project isn’t as expensive as personal training or other costly programs, it’s more sustainable.

The cost to join the 60-Day New Year Challenge is just $59. And, since fitness is always more fun with friends, when you sign up you can have a friend join you for free.

Join today and you’ll receive early access and can get a head start on those New Year’s goals.

You can sign up here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at

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