Join the “WIN THE HOLIDAYS” Fitness Challenge


Maybe your fall fitness is going well. The weather’s nice, you’re walking a lot, eating healthy. You might even be eyeballing doing a Turkey Trot or something. 

And then, come late November, the holiday season arrives like a tsunami of chaos and calories that demolishes your health and fitness routines … just like it does every year.

For 6 weeks, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, your life is thrown into turmoil. You’re suddenly extremely busy with events and obligations; you’re overwhelmed with the stress of that packed schedule, the need to shop, wrap, cook, plan events and travel… and worry about having to deal with that annoying relative. 

You skip the gym or those walks you’ve been enjoying. You overindulge at all those weekend parties and events, eating and drinking too much unhealthy stuff. You lose sleep, pack on pounds, have no energy and then find yourself at the end of December feeling gross and terrible, beating yourself up with negative self-talk and making a list of drastic, unpleasant resolutions that you’ll need to follow just so you can dig yourself out of this hole and get back to some semblance of what you were in October.

Sound familiar? For many people, this vicious cycle happens every year.

But not this year.

No, this year, you’re going to win the holidays. And I’m going to help you.  

In mid-November, I’m launching a WIN THE HOLIDAYS CHALLENGE. The challenge begins on Monday, November 15 and continues through Monday, January 2. The goal of the challenge is to help you successfully navigate the dangerous holiday season so that, when you reach the beginning of the New Year, you’re feeling good, healthy, and have a ton of momentum to help you charge into the New Year smashing your goals.

What does “winning the holidays” look like? Winning the holidays will mean different things for different participants. After all, we still want everyone to enjoy their holidays. But we also want everyone to navigate the season successfully and come out the other side feeling good.

For some people, a win might mean only putting on four pounds instead of 12 over the holidays. For others, it might mean breaking even. And for others, those who are really committed, they might even find themselves in better shape at the end of the holidays than when they started.

The Win the Holidays Challenge will help you conquer the holiday season with the help of regular workouts, challenges, games and more, all geared toward keeping you moving, motivated and having fun. You’ll be part of a helpful, supportive online community. (This challenge marks the launch of the Dan Mathers Fitness Project, my new online group fitness program.) You’ll receive feedback, advice, accountability, motivation and activities to keep you on track.

Together, let’s show that you CAN enjoy the holidays without sabotaging your health and fitness.

The cost to enter the challenge is just $39. You can sign up here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at

This year, New Year’s won’t be a time to start over from scratch. Instead, thanks to our holiday momentum, we’ll have a running start as we charge into 2022!