Labor Day is New Year’s 2.0

Labor Day is New Year’s 2.0

This time of year, a lot of people face a reckoning. They’re coming to terms with what a summer filled with vacations, barbecues, outdoor restaurants and beach or lakeside drinks with friends have all meant: You’ve probably packed on some pounds.

You’re not alone.

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Fitness is cyclical. For most people, it ebbs and flows over the course of the year. It has its seasons, too.

The holidays are a notoriously tough time for fitness. With so many events and parties revolving around big meals and desserts and drinks, combined with the stress of the season, it all makes the holidays a fitness minefield.

Then comes January 1 and the season of New Year’s Resolutions. This is when nearly everyone has goals and feels motivated. Sure, many people won’t stay motivated through the first month – or even the first week – but, for others, this is often the time of year they see the most progress.

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But as the weather warms, things often slide. You might think the warm weather means more opportunities to be active. But it also means more social gatherings and events, and with them an increase in unhealthy foods and drinks. By the end of summer, the consequences of those unhealthy choices (extra weight, low energy) tend to reveal themselves.

That’s what makes Labor Day and the coming of fall so important. It’s New Year’s 2.0. It’s a time to get back on track, to reinvigorate those fitness habits that slid over the summer. Vacation season is over. And autumn’s cooler, dry weather means it’s a great time for brisk walks, hikes and runs. Plus, a successful fall is especially important… because that holiday season minefield is rapidly approaching.