“I don’t have time.”

That’s the top reason people give for not exercising. Let’s change that.

Next month, I’m hosting the MARCH TO 31 CHALLENGE, a daily workout challenge specifically designed to help people make time for fitness. Over the course of the month, participants will gradually increase their activity each day, building from one minute on March 1 to 31 minutes on March 31.

Here’s how it works: 

Each day, you will receive a specific workout from me. Your workout on March 1 will be designed to be completed in 1 minute. That’s right: Just 1 minute. EVERYONE has 1 minute available, so no excuses. The March 2 workout will be designed to be completed in 2 minutes. March 3 in 3 minutes… and so on until March 31, when you complete 31 minutes of activity.

Habit is the cornerstone of fitness success. This challenge will help you create a consistent daily habit that will build momentum and get you moving toward your fitness goals.

Worried you won’t know what you’re doing?

I will provide tips and modification ideas with the workouts. However, if they don’t answer your questions, or there’s something else you’re unsure about… ask me. I will personally help you modify any exercise or workout, explain exercises you’re unfamiliar with, or answer any other questions you have. Also, during the challenge you’ll have access to my online fitness community. There you’ll find a fun, supportive community of people of all fitness levels — some who have been through this; others who are on a similar journey as you. You won’t be alone!

Don’t think you’ll have time for 30 minutes toward the end of the month?

As the workout time requirements get longer during the month, workouts will be segmented. That means you’ll be able to chip away at your daily time goal in short 5-, 10- or 15-minute segments when you can. 

Worried the daily activity toward the end of March will be too much for you? 

This challenge is designed for consistency over intensity. Workouts are not designed to be brutal, but rather provide light activity that people can do day after day. Also, overall workload and intensity will ebb and flow during the challenge, aimed at allowing people to do light activity while also allowing their bodies to recover when needed.

Wondering if you can work out MORE than a couple minutes each day at the start of the challenge?

Absolutely! The daily time requirements are a minimum. If on March 1, you want to get in a regular 20- or 30-minute workout instead of that day’s Challenge workout of 1 minute, go ahead! (And, if you want, you’ll be able to use other regular workouts posted in the DMF Project Community.) This challenge is meant to help you hit a target goal each day. If you have other ways you’d prefer to meet or exceed that goal on a given day, do it. Overachieving is always encouraged!

How much does it cost?

The cost to join the March to 31 Challenge is $19 for non-members.

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Interested in taking on the March to 31 Challenge? Message me below.